Talent managers and agents help their clients diversify their online brands. These are the top talent-rep power players in the gaming industry. 

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This Deli Clerk Gives Free Snacks to Customers With Quick Math Skills
TODAY’s Donna Farizan meets up with Ahmed Alwan, a 22-year-old convenience store clerk in New York City who went viral on TikTok because of the clever way he engages his customers. Turns out, his wit combined with his passion for giving back added up to social media stardom. 

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How Amazon Enlisted Drones and Twitch to Make Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Without Remorse’ the Weekend’s Most Streamed Movie
As the film launched on April 30, Jordan pulled triple duty — joining his castmates for the Twitter watch party, before logging onto Twitch for a live interview with Swagg (the ultra-popular gamer and one of the platform’s most visible Black content creators), where the pair discussed Jordan’s love of video games.
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A talent agent explains how YouTube kids and family content mushroomed into a multi-million-dollar business
Their new creator management company, Underscore Talent, is aimed at leveraging the attention economy and producing personality-driven enterprises that can expand beyond just social media. The company’s talent roster counts creators in comedy, wellness, and cooking, but one genre in particular presents the most growth opportunity — kids and family content.
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YouTuber Brothers Vlad and Niki Debut 'Epic' New Toys That Capture Their 'Sense of Adventure'
Let playtime begin!
YouTubers Vlad and Nicki, who reach more than 66 million viewers on their English channel, debuted their very own official toys this month, featuring collaborations with ZURU Toys and Playmates Toys.
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Underscore Talent Signs Vlogging Vet Roman Atwood Amid His Return To YouTube
Veteran YouTuber Roman Atwood has joined nascent talent management firm Underscore Talent, formed in January by a trio of former Studio71 executives: Michael Green, Reza Izad, and Dan Weinstein.
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CodeMiko Is The Future Of Streaming, Unless Twitch Bans Her First
CodeMiko is nervous. I can tell because she tells me. “This is, like, my first interview ever,” she says over a Discord call. “I’m sorry, I’m a little shy.” It’s December of 2020, and Miko’s entire life is about to change.
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It’s All Relative: ‘The Onyx Family’ Builds Hit Brand Through YouTube
Imagine creating a work environment where every member of the family is gainfully employed. It’s also profitable enough to be the sole source of income — and don’t have to leave your house.
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Creators On The Rise: The Klem Family Had 6,000 YouTube Subscribers When They Posted One 30-Second Clip. Now They Have 1.1 Million
When COVID lockdowns first kicked in last year, Brian and Marcy Klem found themselves in the same situation as millions of other parents: stuck with a houseful of kids who needed entertaining.
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Newly-Formed Underscore Talent Signs Sibling Creator Quartet ‘Shiloh & Bros’
The sibling quartet, ranging in age from 12 to 21, comprises Shiloh Nelson (pictured above, second from left), and her brothers Elijah (second from right), Micah (left), and Judah (right), who are known for their family-friendly skits, musical numbers, and challenges. The siblings’ older sister, Mary, oversees the business end of things.
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Seth ‘Scump’ Abner Signed by Oakley as its First Professional Esports Athlete
Some of the most recognizable traditional sports players in the world wear Oakley. Now, Oakley can add Call of Duty League All-Star Seth “Scump” Abner to its roster to go alongside other Oakley athletes such as Patrick Mahomes, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Erika Hara, and others. Abner, who currently plays for OpTic Chicago, is now the first-ever esports athlete to sign with the iconic sunglass maker.
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YouTube Preschool Stars Vlad & Niki Sign With Underscore Talent To Expand Franchise Into Global Entertainment Property
YouTube stars Vlad & Niki have signed with Underscore Talent for management with the aim of expanding the preschool franchise into a global kids entertainment property.
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A new talent-management firm plans to help influencers grow by expanding into areas like TV and consumer products
The cofounders of Studio71, one of the first major digital-media companies focused on influencers, have teamed up again. This time around they have launched a talent-management firm for creators that has signed over 60 clients.
Underscore Talent, which launched in January, was founded by Michael Green, Reza Izad, and Dan Weinstein.
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Michael GreenReza Izad, and Dan Weinstein have reunited to form Underscore Talent, a management company helping creators leverage today’s “attention economy.” Joining them are Austin Mayster of UTA, Linnea Toney of Toney Media and Megan Brown of APA Named Partners.
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