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Saint Laurent's New Classic with Vinnie Hacker
Seamlessly shifting between polished elegance and statement-making street style, the 21-year-old e-Boy comes into focus, embodying Saint Laurent's New Classic.

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Alan Chikin Chow, Most-Viewed YouTube Shorts Creator, Signs With CAA
YouTube creator, actor, writer and producer Alan Chikin Chow signed with CAA for representation.

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Months after sitting courtside for Lakers, Brodie the Goldendoodle on glass for Stanley Cup
Brodie the Goldendoodle, who has 15 million social media followers, sat on the glass for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. His owner's favorite team, the Florida Panthers, won.

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Cannes Lions 2024: Creators spill the beans on grabbing audience attention
In a panel discussion hosted by the BBC at Cannes Lions 2024, content creators Drea Okeke, Josh Richards, and Steven He break down the process of telling a story that leaves the audience in awe.

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How 9 Queer Designers Show Off Their Pride
With Pride Month becoming more and more commercialized, it's important to celebrate independent LGBTQ+ designers who are still pushing boundaries. Ahead, we spotlight nine queer designers who continue to define the future.

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Chappell Roan Nods to ‘Barbie of Swan Lake’ in Bird-inspired Outfits From The Blonds and Gunnar Deatherage on ‘Jimmy Fallon’
Chappell Roan wore two bird-like outfits inspired by 'Barbie of Swan Lake' from The Blonds and 'Project Runway's' Gunnar Deatherage on 'Jimmy Fallon.'

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How TikTok’s ‘Sandwich King’ lives, breathes and dreams about his extraordinary creations
Meet Owen Han, whose viral sandwiches have earned him millions of loyal followers on social media – and whose recipes are informed by his upbringing as the son of an Italian mother and a Chinese father.

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‘Alan’s Universe’: How The Creator & Stars Of Hit YouTube Series Are Drawing 250M Viewers As Streamers & Cinemas Vie For Audiences – Crew Call Podcast
'Alan's Universe' Alan Chikin Chow, Chelsea Sik, Michelle Park and Haven Everly on the origins of YouTube hit series and finding success on social media.

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A Tommy Hilfiger Summer With Noah Beck
"I was a little preppy boy in school for as young as I can remember. Tommy Hilfiger was always in my closet."

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15 rising stars in influencer management building impressive talent rosters and making waves in the creator economy
Some of these talent managers started out managing singers, working in film production, or in theater. Now, they rep influencers like DeAndre Brown.

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Finally, a Kitchen Renovation Show for People Who Actually Cook
On Ellen Bennett’s new Tastemade show ‘Kitchen Glow Up,’ functionality comes first.

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Stream It Or Skip It: 'Toughest Forces On Earth' on Netflix, where a group of former special forces officers train with elite military and police around the world
Two Americans and one Brit travel the world and train with elite units in this eight-episode docuseries.

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Getting Ready: Vinnie Hacker Attends the Cannes Film Festival With Saint Laurent - V Magazine
The TikToker, gamer, and budding style it-boy gave VMAN a peek into his 'Emilia Perez' premiere ready process.

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Underscore Talent launches STEM division with Michael Reeves, William Osman, Emily the Engineer, and more
Underscore Talent has a new STEM, Learning, and Education division--and, to lead that division, it's tapped longtime talent manager David Seelos, who is Seelos opened his own talent management firm, End Card Digital, in 2019, with a focus on signing creators that "build, educate and entertain."

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Priceline Inspires Travelers to Chase Their Happy Place with New Creator Initiative
Travel brand taps Tiny Chef, Carlos Emmanuel Calderon and Lydia Keating for tailor-made epic adventures across the globe. 

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The Two Things You Should Have on Hand to Make the Best-Ever Sandwiches, According to the Internet's 'King of Sandwiches'
What bread to buy, what condiments to stock, the best toppings to add—and so much more. Sandwich expert (and first-time cookbook author) Owen Han breaks down what you need to know to make your lunch a whole lot better.

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Underscore Talent Partner Shares the #1 Key To Authenticity That Audiences Crave
Linnea Toney is a partner and manager at Underscore Talent, co-heading the entertainment department focused on representing digital creators and influencers. Her philosophy? Creators must balance professional success with authentic social good initiatives that align with their personal values.

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Is Carrington Bornstein the Internet’s Hottest Funny Guy? Or Funniest Hot Guy?
“A TikTok ban would not stop me. I'm going to the top regardless,” says the model-slash-creator, who has expanded into stand-up, music, and acting.

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Tangle Teezer Promotes Dogfluencers, Ellie and Emma the Golden Retrievers, to Chief Barketing Officers
Tangle Teezer is thrilled to debut their first-ever Chief Barketing Officers, Ellie and Emma the Golden Retrievers. The announcement is made in collaboration with the brand's Pet Teezer Detangling and Deshedding Brushes, launching in all PetSmart stores across the U.S. and online at

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Power User with Taylor Lorenz: Are Industry Plants Real? + The Social Network II: Insurrection on Apple Podcasts
 Is an industry plant even possible? If anyone would know it’s my guest, Maxwell Mitcheson. Maxwell is a partner at Underscore Talent -- one of the hottest management companies working with some of the internet’s biggest names.

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From TikTok to Instagram, these Toronto influencers shape the way we shop, what we eat and how we live. See why they’ve amassed a following of 70 million
“Essentially, I date the internet,” says Prayag Mishra. The charming content creator’s videos — which emulate the intimacy of a FaceTime call — combine playful personal storytelling with self-love affirmations, all delivered via “flirty, romantic banter” directed at Mishra’s followers (who he calls “pookie bears”).

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Celebrating International Creator Day
Sandra Kwon, otherwise known as Jeenie Weenie on YouTube, is a former flight attendant and restaurant owner, who decided to turn her passion for creating comedic shorts into a business and full-time career after seeing her videos surge in popularity during the pandemic.

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Lucie Fink Boldly Explores Humanity in her New Podcast, “The Real Stuff”
In a candid conversation, Lucie shares her insights, inspirations, and aspirations, shedding light on her multifaceted journey as a creator, entrepreneur, and storyteller. From navigating the delicate balance of motherhood and career to daring leaps of faith in pursuit of her dreams, Lucie’s wisdom and authenticity shine through each word, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of a creative visionary.

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What is 'eldest daughter syndrome'? What birth order reveals
A viral discussion on social media has eldest sisters and their loved ones buzzing about “eldest daughter syndrome.” Licensed marriage and family therapist Kati Morton joins TODAY to break down theories on how birth order affects a child’s personality and the way their parents raise them.

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The ‘boy sober’ movement and why women are sick of dating
It was a visit to her grandmother at the end of last year that made Hope Woodard, 26, from New York, realise that it was time to quit dating. During the visit, Hope’s grandma, who has dementia, lent over to her and showed her the messages she’d been sending to her late husband.

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Alien encounters and first dates: Vinnie Hacker on HUGO goes Off The Rails
Have you ever wondered how you’d dress upon your first encounter with aliens? 

Well, social media sensation Vinnie Hacker is here in the third episode of our Off The Rails series to provide some inspiration while exhibiting HUGO’s new Summer 2024 collection. 

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Vinnie Hacker’s Essential Tokyo
In town for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, gamer, model, and manga megafan Vinnie Hacker takes a bite out of the Big Mikan.

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Underscore Talent’s Dan Weinstein: “The potential for the creator economy is unlimited”
Before co-founding Underscore, Weinstein was the co-founder and president of Studio71, a global multi-platform media company that produces and distributes original entertainment programming for multiple social platforms. catches up with Dan to talk all things influencer, and how creator content has evolved from ‘nice to have’ to ‘must have’ for brands.

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How to Become a Stay-at-Home Boyfriend
William Conrad quit his tech job to cook, clean, and serve as the “seamstress” for his girlfriend. One fan describes his soothing TikToks about their lifestyle as “lobotomy-core.”

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Underscore Talent And Abe Santos: The Intersection Of Sports, Lifestyle, And Digital Influence
Abe Santos joined Underscore Talent nearly two years ago as Partner and Head of Sports and Outdoor Lifestyle, bringing a wealth of experience from his tenure at YouTube, where he orchestrated strategy for the platform’s top creators.

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5 Podcasting Tips From Two Of Spotify’s Top Shows
Podcast consumption is still growing. So, how can you help make sure your podcast stands out? These co-hosts from successful shows have some tips to share.

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Dog Dad and His (Smiling!) Golden Retrievers Go Viral for Taking Perfect Selfies Around the World
Kevin Bubolz's dogs Ellie and Emma travel the world with him, snapping sweet shots along the way.

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Front Row Finesse: Jamie Dornan, Josh O'Connor, and Taylor Russell Spotlight LOEWE's FW24 Menagerie of Style
In the heart of Paris, the LOEWE Men’s FW24 collection emerged as a spectacle of sartorial innovation. Jonathan Anderson’s latest offerings bridged the past and present, infusing ’90s grunge with LOEWE’s hallmark leather and shearling, evoking a sense of nostalgia wrapped in modern luxury. 

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Allison Holker Says She's 'So Grateful' Her Kids Can See Dad Stephen 'tWitch' Boss in Their New Book
"I feel like this is such a moment for me and my family to be able to share something for all of those people that have been supporting us and loving on us and praying for us," Holker, 35, tells PEOPLE about their new children's book, Keep Dancing Through: A Boss Family Groove, which she began writing with her late husband in 2021.

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Underscore Talent launches culinary division with 40+ creators
Underscore Talent has launched its own culinary division repping more than 40 top food content creators, including The Korean Vegan, Albert Can Cook, Andy Cooks, and Grandbaby Cakes.

The division will be led by Noah Swimmer, who recently made partner, Underscore (which is part of TheSoul Publishing) tells Tubefilter.

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Fashion Is Selling Girlhood. Are You Buying It?
Girlbosses, girl math, girl internet, girl dinners, hot girl walks, It Girl lists. Take a quick spin around the internet or a trip to New York’s Lower East Side, and it’s impossible not to notice: Girlhood is having a moment, and everyone is talking about it. And if they’re not already dressing accordingly, they soon will be.

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Best-selling Booklist – USA TODAY
USA TODAY collects sales data from booksellers representing a variety of outlets: bookstore chains, independent bookstores, mass merchandisers, and online retailers. Using that data, we determine the 150 top-selling titles of the week. The top 150 are published online Wednesdays at 6 a.m.

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Golden Globes 2024: Best Photos From the Red Carpet
The wait is over: The 2024 Golden Globes have arrived, and that means Hollywood’s brightest stars and hottest rising talents have hit the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Sunday (Jan. 7) night.

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The 10 YouTube creators who saw the most dramatic subscriber growth last year — and the managers, publicists, and more supporting them
Every year, YouTube publishes a list of emerging "breakout creators." These are the managers, PR reps, and others who work with these rising stars.

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Why was there an 80-pound dog sitting courtside at Lakers game next to Kevin Bacon?
Brodie is a social media sensation.

He’s a great dancer.

Most importantly, he’s a good boy.

And, apparently, he’s a basketball fan. The 80-pound canine internet star known as Brodie the Goldendoodle sat courtside at the Lakers-Knicks game on Monday night at Arena, sharing a seat with his human best friend Cliff Brush Jr.

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A Year on YouTube: The Trending Topics that Defined 2023
In 2023, you turned talking toilets into a global hit, took regional Mexican music to the top of the charts, and found your place in a Barbie world.

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look back at the trending topics and creators you couldn’t stop talking about over the last 12 months.

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Forbes 30 Under 30 2024: Social Media
The people, forces and companies shaping the creator economy. Featuring Underscore Talent clients Alan Chikin Chow and Steven He. 

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Famous Dog Jumps On Creator Brand Trend
Pet products are nothing new. But pet products made by a TikTok famous dog? This might be a first.

Brodie That Dood, a long-haired goldendoodle, has been posting videos and photos to social media since 2020. His self-proclaimed “dog dad” Cliff Brush (yes, Brush), age 33, left his job as an accountant to pursue content creation full time during the pandemic.

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‘Selling the OC’ Star Jason Oppenheim Signs With Underscore Talent
“Selling Sunset” and “Selling the OC” real estate star Jason Oppenheim has signed on to Underscore Talent (a division of TheSoul Publishing), where he will be represented by Austin Mayster and Megan Brown.

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How Gaming Marketers Innovate to Reach a Changing Audience
In recent years, platforms led by Twitch introduced a way for game players to grow their community and for brands to reach new and very lucrative customers by livestreaming their gameplay. Of the $21 billion influencer marketing industry, gaming is the second most popular vertical, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, making up 12.9%

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Five Questions with Underscore Talent’s Dan Weinstein
"Career failures are necessary for success. We need to learn from failures and many times your failures are a blessing in disguise. Believing in your talent and skills is necessary because failures can and will knock you out. Once you pick yourself up, evaluate the reason for the failure, adjust and use it as a tool for future growth."

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Former TalentX exec brings creators like Noah Beck to the Underscore Talent roster
Underscore Talent has added several notable names to its roster. The talent management firm, launched in 2021 by the former co-founders of digital network Studio71, has joined forces with creators like Noah Beck and The Herbert Family by bringing on Maxwell Mitcheson as a Partner.

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Power dynamics in the creator economy: Social media platforms and creators
Dan Weinstein, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Underscore Talent, outlines how becoming a creator takes persistence and dedication, but once a loyal audience is built up, power swings away from the platforms back to its natural home – the creator.

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Underscore Talent Is Helping Build the Future of the Creator Economy
In this episode of Young Influentials, Adweek digital editor and host Colin Daniels sits down with Izad, co-founder and partner of Underscore Talent. Izad breaks down how they scout talent, scale creators’ careers and offer advice for brands finding the right talent to work with.

Listen to the episode on Adweek
Daniel Kang Of Underscore Talent On 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career In eSports
Build your personal brand and community: Create a strong online presence, engage with fans, and promote your content that can help grow your audience and attract sponsors. Maintaining a positive image and reputation in the industry is also essential.

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Nick Jacklin On Why Shorthand Studios Was Born And How It Aims To Help Creators
Underscore Talent, a division of TheSoul Publishing, continues to succeed in managing talents but experienced firsthand how creators struggle in their respective production processes. This inspired Underscore Talent to launch a cutting-edge digital production and distribution company, Shorthand Studios. Today, Nick Jacklin of Underscore Talent gives us a rundown on what Shorthand Studios is, what it does, and how it can help all creators.

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Underscore Talent Signs Leading ‘Call of Duty,‘ ’Valorant’ Players to Gaming Division
Underscore Talent has picked up a group of leading esports players and gaming content creators, including those who specialize in games like Call of Duty, Valorant, Dota and Apex Legends.

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Relatability and transparency drive beauty influencers' ability to sell makeup and trends
“Social media creators and specifically beauty creators convert sales. It’s as simple as that,” says Amanda Marzolf, a partner at management firm Underscore Talent. 

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Midsize: How fashion influencers are changing the way we see size and style
Amanda Marzoff, a partner at management firm Underscore Talent, says "there isn’t just a desire for more size-inclusive fashion, there’s a need." And while the need was invisible for a long time, she explains "influencers have likely been the largest force in shifting and positively adding to the conversation around bodies and sizing."

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‘5-Minute Crafts’ Owner TheSoul Publishing Acquires Majority Stake In Underscore Talent
TheSoul Publishing, the publisher behind the viral 5-Minute Crafts YouTube channel, has acquired a majority stake in the management firm Underscore Talent, the companies said on Tuesday.

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TheSoul Publishing, a major producer of digital content, has acquired a majority stake in Underscore Talent
TheSoul Publishing already counts itself among the leading content producers on the internet. Now, through a talent management company, TheSoul will get a foothold in the creator economy. The Cyprus-based publisher has acquired a majority stake in Underscore Talent, the firm launched in January 2021 by Studio71 co-founders Reza Izad, Dan Weinstein, and Michael Green.

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These Kids Are Raking In Millions From YouTube. They're Not Even 10.
The young stars are expanding into everything from streaming shows to branded toys to licensing deals. 

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‘Gracie’s Corner’ Children’s Show Signs With UTA, Underscore Talent
Gracie’s Corner, the children’s entertainment company behind the popular animated YouTube series of the same name, has signed with UTA and Underscore Talent.

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Management firm Underscore Talent opens a Web3 division (Exclusive)
Underscore Talent is betting big on Web3. The management company, launched in 2021 by Studio71 Co-Founders Dan Weinstein and Reza Izad, has announced a division called Underscore Labs. Through its new wing, Underscore will utilize a three-pronged approach to assemble a roster of blockchain-based intellectual property.

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Exclusive: Dorsey Pictures signs YouTube star Brandon Jordan to development deal
Red Arrow Studios subsidiary Dorsey Pictures has confirmed it has closed a TV development deal with aqua-centric YouTube star Brandon Jordan.

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Abe Santos Takes Underscore Talent Outdoors with Expanded Lifestyle Talent Divison
Underscore Talent, a next-generation management company helping talent build long-lasting careers and businesses, recently hired Abe Santos, the previous Head of Partner Engagement at YouTube. Abe Santos will lead and expand the outdoor lifestyle talent division, which is an explosive niche filled with many opportunities. 

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Creators On The Rise: Cliff Brush saw lots of dogs going viral on TikTok. His first thought? “My dog is cuter than all of them.”
Cliff Brush Jr. was one of the people who got a TikTok account during the COVID pandemic. But as he saw more and more dogs get millions and millions of views, one thought kept nagging at him: His dog Brodie was way cuter.

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Dog Gives 'Hugs, High Fives and Cuddles' During Children's Hospital Visit
An adorable Goldendoodle by the name of Brodie paid a special visit to the brave young patients at a children's hospital in Las Vegas earlier this month.

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15 Grandparent’s Day Gifts That Will Bring Joy to Any Celebration
There’s nothing quite like going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. In fact, for most people it’s a home away from home! If this sounds a lot like you, you probably already know about National Grandparents Day. Featuring Jocelyn Delk Adams' Strawberry Lemonade Cake.

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Man stays with families from different backgrounds, documents journey
Ever imagine swapping lives with someone from a different background? Leaving your comfort zone to learn about other cultures and traditions, literally living with a different family. One man is doing it in his own way through travel. He's set off an adventure where he stays with families of different cultural groups nationwide through videos in "I Moved in With America."

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Makeup Artist Tati Westbrook and TikTok Star Sandra Kwon Sign With Underscore Talent
Underscore Talent has signed a group of creators across beauty, comedy, gaming and dance, including beauty YouTuber and makeup artist Tati Westbrook and TikTok star Sandra Kwon (known as @jeenie.weenie).

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Sweetgreen’s ambassador team adds NBA’s Devin Booker with TikTok-inspired spot
Booker and the brand’s first national ambassador, tennis star Naomi Osaka, will star in a “Create Your Own” campaign. The effort features a short video directed by TikTok creator @Owen.han along with social, YouTube, out-of-home, over-the-top video, mobile, audio, search and direct partner elements.

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Creator management firm Underscore Talent has hired a new head of business development, as it eyes Web3 and sets more DTC brands
Underscore Talent, which was founded by a trio of Studio71 execs, has hired another vet of the MCN to serve as its president of business development.

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What Josh Snyder Is Baking Up for The Office's Angela Kinsey This Mother's Day
Plus his favorite baking tools (they're some of ours too!) and what the couple packs in their kids' lunches.

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Meet Elyse Myers: What to Know About the Comedian Who Shot to TikTok Fame for Viral 'Worst Date Ever' Video
Elyse Myers opens up to PEOPLE about building a following of millions, finding celebrity fans like Reese Witherspoon and spreading a message of positivity.

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Billboard Teams Up With Logitech for New ‘Song Breaker’ Chart
Billboard is partnering with Logitech For Creators on Tuesday (Aug. 10) to launch the new Song Breaker Chart, which is the first-ever creator-centered music chart. 

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Comedian Elyse Myers' TikToks Are As Real As It Gets
What would you do if you met up with someone you matched with on a dating app and they proceeded to order 100 tacos at a Taco Bell drive-thru — and then asked you to pay? This is exactly the kind of ludicrous situation Elyse Myers has found (and continues to find) herself in.

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YouTuber Rebecca Zamolo Welcomes First Baby, Daughter Zadie Hope: 'We Could Not Be Happier'
Rebecca Zamolo's little girl has arrived!
The YouTuber, 37, welcomed her first baby, a daughter named Zadie Hope Zamolo, with husband Matt Slays, on Wednesday, Feb. 23, she announced with a birth video on YouTube.`

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Live Nation Launches a Creator House for Music Fans; Q&A With Startup Founder Sophie Gray
Live Nation Entertainment, which merged with Ticketmaster in 2010, last month launched a creator house with talent agency Underscore Talent called “Last2Leave:Miami.” The program, which hasn’t been previously reported, involves eight creators, including TikTokers Javier Romero and Liz Sanchez, who post from live events, including concerts and sporting events like the Super Bowl Music Fest. 

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Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 12.10.14 PM.png
Rebecca Zamolo has two big things coming soon – her second “The Game Master” book and her baby!

The YouTube star and expecting mom opened up about both in a new, exclusive interview with JJJ.

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KFC Partners With TikTok To Fight Hunger Across The U.S.
Kentucky Fried Chicken has partnered with TikTok creator and jewelry designer Isaiah Garza to develop a fund that will give away half a million dollars in cash grants to nonprofits fighting hunger across the United States.

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Stephen 'tWitch' Boss and Allison Holker Launch 'Fly' Athleisure Line: 'It's Made for Everybody'
The professional dancers and parents of three opened up to PEOPLE about their exciting — and stylish! — new partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods.

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Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 3.08.38 PM.png
Underscore Talent Signs ‘Hype House’ Member Vinnie Hacker, Adds 3 Managers (Exclusive)
The management company has brought on Amanda Marzolf from A3 and Arc Talent Management, Nick Schlegel from TalentX, and Susan Lee from DBA.

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TikTok User Goes Viral After Sharing Worst Date Ever With #TacoGuy
What's the worst date you've ever been on? A woman named Elyse Myers has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her worst first date story with the hashtag #TacoGuy. The video has since been viewed more than 17 million times and the story is one for the books.

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YouTube Streamy Awards 2021 Nominations Announced
This year’s YouTube Streamy Awards nominations are out, honoring 2021’s best internet video creators, shows and marketing campaigns across 47 categories.

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She turned ADHD into a career: ‘Talking about our challenges is very important,’ says host of ‘How to ADHD’
Founder and Host of 'How to ADHD' Jessica McCabe joins A Time For Change to discuss her story of how she turned her ADHD diagnosis into a career, advice for others living with ADHD, and the importance of choosing the right career.

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Drew Meets Viral Jewelry Designer Activist Isaiah Garza
TikToker Isaiah Garza talks to Drew about why he started surprising people on TikTok -- donating to homeless, speaking at inner-city schools, mentoring human trafficking victims,  and helping families in need! Plus, as if you couldn't tell, his dad pops in to share why he's so proud of his son for using his A-list platform to inspire others to give back.  

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Bond Star Daniel Craig Jumps On Stream With FaZe Clan's Nuke Squad
James Bond star Daniel Craig appeared on a stream by FaZe Clan members Nuke Squad and produced some distinctly star-struck reactions. Craig was promoting the latest Bond movie, No Time To Die.

"You're honestly an icon... and absolutely legend man," gushes Swagg.

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Underscore Talent Adds Photographer Jordan Matter, YouTuber Stephen Sharer and More to Roster
The newly signed creators on the management firm's digital roster, each of whom have followers in the millions across platforms, span a wide number of genres.

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Paranormal TikToker Celina SpookyBoo Launches Vampire-Inspired Makeup
TikTok phenom Celina SpookyBoo is forging onward with her makeup business, BeautyXBoo, via a brand new collection called Bite Me.

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Hollywood Embraces TikTok Stars for TV, Film Projects
“You used to need the studios to be famous,” says Dan Weinstein, a former United Talent Agency trainee who co-founded Underscore Talent. The company represents independent creators like Dubai-based YouTubers Vlad and Niki, school-age brothers that have nearly 72 million subscribers on the platform.

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Where the Creator Economy Is Headed Next
Long before anyone heard of overused terms like “creator economy” or “influencers,” Dan Weinstein was at the forefront of the once tiny business of turning digital-native celebrities into household names.

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The Pandemic Has Been Very, Very Good for the Creator Economy
When Reza Izad starting representing influencers in 2009, the end goal for his clients was to crossover into the mainstream. Lucas Cruikshank (aka Fred) turned his YouTube channel into a series of movies for Nickelodeon. Logan Paul booked roles on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Bizaardvark.” Lily Singh got a late-night talk show on NBC. 

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Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 6.09.11 PM.png
Underscore Talent has onboarded a new talent manager, Nadi Filsoof, who arrives at the newly-formed firm from Mattel.

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The Stream Team
How did FaZe Clan grow from a 'Call of Duty' trick shot feed to a lifestyle power brand? Start with this modern truism: Athletes want to be gamers and gamers want to be athletes

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The top 16 talent managers and agents helping gaming YouTubers, streamers, and esports players build careers
Talent managers and agents help their clients diversify their online brands. These are the top talent-rep power players in the gaming industry. 

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This Deli Clerk Gives Free Snacks to Customers With Quick Math Skills
TODAY’s Donna Farizan meets up with Ahmed Alwan, a 22-year-old convenience store clerk in New York City who went viral on TikTok because of the clever way he engages his customers. Turns out, his wit combined with his passion for giving back added up to social media stardom. 

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How Amazon Enlisted Drones and Twitch to Make Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Without Remorse’ the Weekend’s Most Streamed Movie
As the film launched on April 30, Jordan pulled triple duty — joining his castmates for the Twitter watch party, before logging onto Twitch for a live interview with Swagg (the ultra-popular gamer and one of the platform’s most visible Black content creators), where the pair discussed Jordan’s love of video games.

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A talent agent explains how YouTube kids and family content mushroomed into a multi-million-dollar business
Their new creator management company, Underscore Talent, is aimed at leveraging the attention economy and producing personality-driven enterprises that can expand beyond just social media..

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YouTuber Brothers Vlad and Niki Debut 'Epic' New Toys That Capture Their 'Sense of Adventure'
YouTubers Vlad and Nicki, who reach more than 66 million viewers on their English channel, debuted their very own official toys this month, featuring collaborations with ZURU Toys and Playmates Toys.

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Underscore Talent Signs Vlogging Vet Roman Atwood Amid His Return To YouTube
Veteran YouTuber Roman Atwood has joined nascent talent management firm Underscore Talent, formed in January by a trio of former Studio71 executives: Michael Green, Reza Izad, and Dan Weinstein.

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CodeMiko Is The Future Of Streaming, Unless Twitch Bans Her First
CodeMiko is nervous. I can tell because she tells me. “This is, like, my first interview ever,” she says over a Discord call. “I’m sorry, I’m a little shy.” It’s December of 2020, and Miko’s entire life is about to change.

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It’s All Relative: ‘The Onyx Family’ Builds Hit Brand Through YouTube
Imagine creating a work environment where every member of the family is gainfully employed. It’s also profitable enough to be the sole source of income — and don’t have to leave your house.

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Creators On The Rise: The Klem Family Had 6,000 YouTube Subscribers When They Posted One 30-Second Clip. Now They Have 1.1 Million
When COVID lockdowns first kicked in last year, Brian and Marcy Klem found themselves in the same situation as millions of other parents: stuck with a houseful of kids who needed entertaining.

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Seth ‘Scump’ Abner Signed by Oakley as its First Professional Esports Athlete
Some of the most recognizable traditional sports players in the world wear Oakley. Now, Oakley can add Call of Duty League All-Star Seth “Scump” Abner to its roster to go alongside other Oakley athletes such as Patrick Mahomes, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Erika Hara, and others. Abner, who currently plays for OpTic Chicago, is now the first-ever esports athlete to sign with the iconic sunglass maker.

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YouTube Preschool Stars Vlad & Niki Sign With Underscore Talent To Expand Franchise Into Global Entertainment Property
YouTube stars Vlad & Niki have signed with Underscore Talent for management with the aim of expanding the preschool franchise into a global kids entertainment property.

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A new talent-management firm plans to help influencers grow by expanding into areas like TV and consumer products
The cofounders of Studio71, one of the first major digital-media companies focused on influencers, have teamed up again. This time around they have launched a talent-management firm for creators that has signed over 60 clients.
Underscore Talent, which launched in January, was founded by Michael Green, Reza Izad, and Dan Weinstein.

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